Series 3 Episodes

Episode 3.2

Written by Liz Lake
Produced by Sean O'Connor
Directed by Jim Loach

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Amber is stricken with grief after the horrific murder of her precious pooch Simba. The Triads are still demanding huge sums of money and have already proved that they will stop at nothing to get it. Still recovering from consuming a plate of dog curry at the Gates' housewarming, Hazel has twigged that Conrad is up to his neck in something very dodgy. Amber's hurried explanation about Simba meeting his death at the hands of a deranged fan doesn't cut it for her and she demands to know what's going on. Amber realises more than ever just how imperative it is that Conrad pay off the Triads and allows him sell some of her jewellery to make up the £500,000 he still needs.

Northern lad Harley is thrilled that his girlfriend Shannon has joined him in London - now they can really start to have fun! Shannon can see she's struck gold and is soon mapping out their destiny together - she and Harley are going to be the perfect premier football couple! But as Shannon soon discovers, the press are terribly fickle. Profoundly humiliated by the sight of herself flaunting her puppy fat and crooked nose across the cover of the Nation's tabloids, she decides to take action. The longer she spends in her glamorous new surroundings, the more she realises that her face doesn't fit... literally. She definitely has some work to do, but it's nothing a top London surgeon can't fix!

Having lost the captain's arm-band to Conrad, Kyle seeks solace in the gambling dens of London - a dangerous pastime for someone with more money than sense. The paparazzi are also on his back - they clocked Jackie's bruises during a shopping trip to Harvey Nicks and speculation is rife. Hazel is getting more and more jittery by the day - one of her premier clients is plastered all over the press for the wrong reasons and as a result, sponsors are dropping him like a hot-brick.

The world is a depressing place for Tanya when she discovers that Frank is very nearly broke. All of his cash is tied up in the club and not accessible for her to play with. To make matters worse, it seems that Amber has everything Tanya wants and is revelling in it. Before long, a vicious cat-fight breaks out in the player's lounge when Amber hears how her husband Conrad enjoyed a whole spin-cycle of sex with Tanya in the laundry room - this is war! At Tanya's urging, Frank sees a doctor and is told that his heart is in such a bad condition that he only has a few months to live. While Frank deals with the news of his imminent death, his wife Tanya is making another play for Conrad. This time, Conrad is forced to say no - he promised Amber - but it is clear his will-power has never received so stern a test.

Kyle's discipline problems continue on the pitch where a run-in with an opposition defender sees him being shown the red-card. The fracas continues in the tunnel after the match, but as Kyle swings a mistimed kick in his rival's direction, his leg hits a door-frame with a sickening crunch. As he falls to the ground in agony, it becomes clear that it's now not only his bank balance that's in jeopardy, but his whole Premiership career!