Series 3 Episodes

Episode 3.1

Written by Liz Lake
Produced by Sean O'Connor
Directed by Jim Loach

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The new series commences to the beat of a funeral drum as Earls Park's finest turn out to pay their respects to Chardonnay who has finally lost her battle with anorexia. As Tanya gives her perfectly penned speech, quoting extensively from Robbie Williams' 'Angels', Kyle struggles to contain his grief. Understandably, Kyle is finding it hard to cope with the loss of his wife and Frank and new Sparks' manager, Roger Webb, are worried about how it will affect his performance on the pitch. They are also nervous about their latest transfer deal, Hazel is in a positive mood after receiving a call from Juventus, but even so, there's still time for a lot to go wrong.

Kyle is hurt and angry when Frank and Tanya make their excuses and leave the wake. But they have an important appointment - at the registry office where the widowed Mrs Turner becomes the new Mrs Laslett! The marriage is purely a business arrangement of course - Jason left Tanya with nothing more than a string of bad debts and she's used to living the high life, something Frank's huge personal fortune will continue to provide. Still deep in puppy-love, Darius begs Tanya to reconsider and, in desperation, tells her that he was the one who pushed Jason from the hotel roof - a murder he committed for her. Tanya maintains that the verdict at Jason's inquest was suicide and tells Darius to get lost. But she's clearly unsettled by the possibility that Jason's death was suspicious - could she have been the one who sent him plummeting to his death?

Over in Thailand, Earls Park's prospective new signing, Conrad Gates, is busy enjoying the life of luxury and the recognition of his fans, while his Bollywood starlet wife, Amber, shoots a commercial for her personal range of skin lotions. Life couldn't be sweeter for the pair. But when they discover that the Chinese Mafia are hot on their heels, Amber realises that their financial situation is spiralling out of control. Thailand also makes the perfect setting for Frank and Tanya's honeymoon. It gives Frank the chance to concentrate on signing up golden boy Conrad whilst sunning it up with his sexy new trophy wife. But when Tanya spots Conrad across a crowded room, she likes what she sees and it's clear that he feels the same. Soon Tanya is inching her way up to Conrad's boudoir, convinced that the coast is clear. But she's in for a shock when Amber returns unexpectedly and expects to be allowed to join in - two may be fun for Tanya, but three is definitely a crowd!

Back in the UK, Kyle is at loggerheads with Roger. He's furious that Earls Park have signed Conrad without him, the Captain, being informed. Roger won't be told how to run his team by anyone, least of all a spoilt footballer throwing a diva-like hissy fit. How Kyle will react when he discovers that Roger is conducting a secret relationship with his mum, Jackie, is anyone's guess.

At the start of the season, Conrad and Amber hold a house-warming party at their new, opulent home and the whole team is invited. The Sparks' second new signing, youngster Harley Lawson, can't believe that he's hit the big time. Just wait until he tells his girlfriend Shannon about spending the evening in the Gates' home! Kyle turns up at the party late after yet another side-trip to the casino. The news that Jackie is involved with Roger is a bitter pill to swallow and yet another reason to take solace in self-destruction. Concerned that Kyle is making a drunken idiot of himself, Roger tries to give him a good talking to, but Kyle storms off and soon Jackie finds herself taking the full force of his unhappiness.

Harley, another Sparks' player who can't take his drink, throws up on Conrad's designer shirt. Conrad takes a trip to the laundry room, giving Tanya the perfect opportunity to get him on his own, and inside his underpants. Upstairs, Hazel is shocked to discover a dog identification tag in her plate of curry. Amber quickly realises that there is a reason for the mystery absence of her beloved poodle, Simba - he's been cooked, curried and served to her guests!

Back at the Pascoes', the mystery over who killed Jason is at last revealed. Kyle explains to a stunned Jackie how Chardonnay followed him up to the hotel roof and, with the aid of a champagne bottle, sent him falling to his death!