Series 2 Episodes

Episode 2.7 - Bitter Medicine

Written by Jaden Clark
Produced by Claire Phillips
Directed by Laurence Moody

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When he learns that Jason is Paddy's real father, the usually easy-going Kyle finally loses his temper and decides to teach Jason a lesson that he won't forget in a hurry. The fight progresses through the ground floor of the Turner house as the two men leave a trail of broken glass and furniture in their wake. Hazel arrives just as Kyle is trying to drown Jason in the pool and breaks it up. It is clear that she feels like killing Jason herself when Kyle announces that he doesn't even want to see his face again, let alone play on the same team as him.

Tanya meets with Nurse Dunkley and gives her a big wad of cash to buy her silence. Dunkley is greedy though and demands more. But Tanya has reached her limit and tells her that if she persists with her little blackmail scheme, she'll go straight to Frank and tell him all about nursey's particularly unusual techniques. Dunkley decides to cut her losses and goes to Frank. He agrees to join forces with her in a bid to prove that Tanya was responsible for putting him into a coma and that she blackmailed Dunkley into trying to finish him off for good.

Jason is appalled when he discovers that Kyle and Chardonnay have decided to hold a press conference to address the issue of Paddy's intersexuality - he doesn't want the world knowing that a product of his loins is anything less than 100% masculine. Tanya is equally as upset, but in her case, it's the revelation that her husband fathered Jackie Pascoe's child that is too shaming to bear. With Hazel at the helm, the press conference goes ahead and Kyle and Chardonnay bravely reveal that Paddy is an inter-sex baby to the assembled reporters.

Although he's growing increasingly fond of Freddie, Sal continues to hold her at an emotional arms length. Deciding to force the issue, Freddie informs her father, Stefan that she and Sal plan to be married. Meanwhile, Darius can't stop thinking about Tanya. He's convinced that he, not Jason, is the only man capable of making her happy and is mortified when the couple announce that they are to renew their wedding vows. Deciding to have a man-to-man talk with his captain, he quickly finds himself having his pants pulled down and his bare bottom spanked! After dealing with Darius, Jason decides it's time to knock Sal down a peg or two and makes a move on Freddie.

Wearing a hidden microphone in her brooch, Nurse Dunkley arranges to meet with Tanya. Over dinner she steers the conversation onto their attempt to finish Frank off when he was in his coma. Tanya responds by talking about Dunkley's 'hands on' nursing technique. Knowing that Frank is listening in, Dunkley panics and spills a glass of water over her brooch. Tanya immediately twigs that she's been set up and decides that Dunkley will have to go into hiding...