Series 2 Episodes

Episode 2.6 - Facing The Truth

Written by Jaden Clark
Produced by Claire Phillips
Directed by Craig Lines

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Jason reacts appallingly to the news that his baby son is intersexual. He just can't believe that the fruit of his loins could be anything other than the perfect male specimen. It soon becomes horribly clear to Jackie that Jason's paternal instincts are seriously flawed.

Sal in increasingly baffled by the erratic behaviour of Freddie Hauser - one minute she's abseiling down the side of his house and the next, she's trying to tempt him into a threesome with Hazel. It is clear that under her tough exterior, she is hiding some serious issues - after all, smashing a bottle and threatening to slash your wrists with it is not the behaviour of a rational person. It is unfortunate for Sal that he finds something very appealing about Freddie's unpredictability and vulnerability. Could it be he's in over his head?

Tanya is still toying with Darius Fry and the two are enjoying a steamy session in the pool when Jason turns up unexpectedly. In a panic, Tanya hides Darius in the sauna and then promptly forgets about him. Jason still reeling from the news about Paddy and decides to come clean about the baby's parentage. Tanya is shocked and angry, but when Jason breaks down, she decides to forgive him - he messes around behind her back again and she'll sell Paddy's story to the highest bidder. Now that her marriage is back on track, Tanya no longer has any need for Darius, so after rescuing him from the sauna, she throws him - naked and at least two stones lighter - out into the night.

Jackie is at the hospital when she sees Jason and Tanya announcing their reconciliation on the TV. Upset and humiliated, Jackie returns to the Pascoe house with Paddy and explains all to Kyle and Chardonnay. The couple's love for Paddy is unaffected, but they're painfully aware that his condition can't be kept a secret from the media forever.

Tanya has come up with a cunning ruse to get out of her community service. After gauging matron's greed, she goes to her with a big pile of £50 notes. The plan? Big Ron and Lara Bateman's nanny, Mel, not only bears an uncanny resemblance to Tanya, but is also no stranger to wiping bottoms and cleaning up sick. With Mel doing her dirty work, Tanya dons a brunette wig and sets off for Harrods - she's got time to kill before having to return to the home for watchful eyes to see her leaving at the end of her shift. But then familiar figure pays a visit to the home. She's expecting to meet Tanya and is surprised to see that this 'Tanya' is not the one she remembers. Nurse Dunkley has done very well out of the Turners financially once already and now it looks like she's got another opportunity.