Series 2 Episodes

Episode 2.5 - A Change Of Career?

Written by Liz Lake
Produced by Claire Phillips
Directed by Craig Lines

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Jason is taking fatherhood very seriously and insists he'll stick by the mother of his child. Kyle and Chardonnay are distraught to have Paddy taken away from them, but without legal adoption papers, their situation seems hopeless. As if being parted from Paddy wasn't tough enough, his notable absence soon starts to fuel cruel speculation in the press about Chardonnay's abilities as a mother.

Tanya is determined to hit Jason where it hurts, in this case, his pocket. For the good of his American Express account, Jason agrees to let her move from her luxury hotel back into the marital home - but how long can the couple maintain a civilised separation? Tanya is more hurt than she lets on when Jason informs her that he's already found someone else. But still, at least she has a welcome distraction in the form of the Sparks' new boy wonder, Darius Fry.

A mysterious young woman, Freddie, gatecrashes the Sparks' night out at Stringfellows. She takes a shine to Sal and the pair spend the evening downing tequilas and Cristal - but when she wakes up naked at his flat the next day with no recollection of how she got there, it looks like Sal might have gotten himself into some serious trouble. Especially when he discovers what her real connection to Earls Park FC is - she's Stefan Hauser's daughter! Sal drops her like a hot brick, but discovers that Freddie is not the sort of girl to take no for an answer when she abseils down the side of his house.

Stefan is fast coming to the end of his tether where Freddie is concerned - she's wild, uncontrollable and, as her actions reflect on his abilities as a father, routinely humiliates him in public. Archie Malloch, Stefan's right-hand man, urges him to be patient - Freddie's young, she's bound to grow out of her rebellious stage sooner or later.

The day of Tanya's magistrate's hearing arrives - she's mildly irritated by the huge fine they've slapped her with, but community service too? That's just kicking a woman when she's down - how on earth can they expect a woman like Tanya Turner to clean out bed-pans and wipe old people's bottoms?

Jason soon experiences the stressful side of parenthood when Paddy is rushed to hospital with a fever. Thankfully, the fever turns out to be nothing serious, but a routine examination reveals that Paddy has some serious medical problems, namely, a womb and ovaries! For such a macho guy like Jason, any doubt about his son's manhood is very hard to stomach.