Series 1 Episodes

Episode 1.8 - They Think It's All Over

Written by Helen Childs
Produced by Liz Lake
Directed by Julie Edwards

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Jason is insanely jealous at the thought of Tanya spending time alone with Frank and threatens to kill the Club Chairman if he so much as lays a finger on her. Tanya is terrified of what might happen if Jason were to find out the truth about her relationship with Frank, but while there's still a chance that he might experience total recall, dumping him is just too risky. In response, Jason once again stumbles into bed with Marie and finds himself promising to leave Tanya.

A guilt-stricken Donna tells Sal that they must end their affair but Sal refuses to entertain the idea - he loves her and is much better for her than Ian could ever be. Donna is still confused about her feelings for Sal and, forced to endure Ian's constant histrionics about blowing his chances on the pitch, she begins to wonder if the grass could be greener on the other side after all. Meanwhile, Kyle is unnerved to find Sheena waiting for him at the training ground yet again. Her continuing refusal to take no for an answer is worrying in the extreme - has he got a stalker on his hands?

Jackie finally manages to persuade Kyle that it would be the best thing for everyone involved if he and Chardonnay were to adopt her unborn child and raise it as their own. Once the decision is made, all that remains for them to do is to make plans for Jackie to be out of the country and the media spotlight for the remainder of her pregnancy. Although she's excited about the prospect of impending motherhood, Chardonnay is not too keen about Kyle and Jackie's insistence that she put on weight in order to look pregnant. Unbeknown to them both, she begins to make herself sick after her meals.

Donna is frantic when a sheepish Marie goes to collect Holly and returns home empty-handed. Her panic turns to terror when she receives a demand of £500,000 in exchange for her daughter - how are she and Ian going to raise such a large amount of cash? Kind-hearted Sal comes to the rescue and uses his transfer fee to pay the ransom. Later, Donna prepares to leave for the ransom drop. As she waits, the pool cleaner arrives and demands she hand over the cash - he's the kidnapper! Once in possession of the cash, he instructs Donna to leave immediately for a pre-arranged meeting point. Donna follows his instructions, but when she arrives, there's no sign of Holly.

Hazel cooks up a plan to get Tanya out of her 'affair' with Frank without jeopardising Jason's position with the team. She arranges for Jason to 'catch' Tanya and Frank together, but Jason loses his temper... which for Frank, brings back chilling memories of the night of his 'accident'.