Series 1 Episodes

Episode 1.7 - All Credit To The Lads

Written by Jaden Clark
Produced by Liz Lake
Directed by Julie Edwards

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When a home pregnancy test comes out positive, Jackie goes to speak to the father - Jason. He is unsympathetic about her plight and even refuses to believe that he is the man responsible. It appears that Jackie isn't the only Pascoe in the family way. Chardonnay faints at the gym and subsequent blood tests reveal that she is pregnant. But then Jackie discovers that there's been a mix-up at the clinic and that the test results that Chardonnay received are those of another Mrs Pascoe. After announcing their happy news to the press, Kyle and Chardonnay are horrified to learn that they are not about to be become proud parents after all. However, all may not be lost because Jackie has a cunning plan - why don't they bring up her child as their own?

With Jason still out of the action, his captain's armband is passed on to Ian. Unfortunately, the status and responsibility goes right to his increasingly swollen head. Not only does his alienate the rest of the team with his constant power-trips, he humiliates himself in his first match as skipper by getting sent off. Fed up with Ian's obsession with his career, Donna finds herself in the midst of a passionate encounter with Sal on the kitchen worktop.

Once again, Kyle finds Sheena waiting for him at the training ground. Although she accuses him of leading her on, he firmly rebuffs her - he's a happily married man with a baby on the way and definitely not interested in having an affair.

Tanya is still being forced to maintain the illusion that she and Frank are having an affair. Still, at least there is one good thing to come out of the distasteful situation she has found herself in - it affords her the perfect opportunity to persuade Frank to reinstate Jason. Frank gives Tanya the name and number of a female sports agent, Hazel Bailey - she's the best in the business and guaranteed to knock Jason back into shape. Any concerns Jason may have had about putting his career in the hands of a woman are firmly put to rest when Hazel brokers him a brilliant deal with Earls Park.

Now that Jason is back on the team, Frank looks towards Tanya for repayment. With his ex-wife, Marguerite, safely back in Canada, there's nothing stopping her from spending the night with him. Unable to come up with a viable excuse, Tanya has no choice but to go to bed with him. However, during sex, Frank has terrifying flashbacks about Nurse Dunkley.