Series 1 Episodes

Episode 1.5 - All To Play For

Written by Phil Ford
Produced by Liz Lake
Directed by Laurence Moody

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Jason cruelly rejects Marie at the training ground but luckily, Sal is there to help pick up the pieces. Incensed when he sees Marie and Sal drive off together, Jason decides to give chase. After nearly forcing Sal off the road, he is stopped by the police and taken into custody. Although Stefan persuades Sal to cover for his captain, it doesn't mean Jason is off the hook. After his release, Stefan fines him £90,000 and makes it very clear that he's on his final warning.

Constant press attention is getting Chardonnay down. For the first time, she feels that she has no control over her life, something she decides to remedy by arranging to sell the story of her ordeal to a newspaper, hoping that to shame her attackers in the process. The resulting article is not what she expected - the reporter has twisted her words and has gleefully informed the world that the fairytale marriage is on the rocks. Kyle is furious - he was always against the idea of Chardonnay doing the interview in the first place and hearing his mother verbally recounting the detrimental effect that his wife's burns have had on their sex life is the final straw.

Jason and Big Ron take Kyle out for a drink in an attempt to jolt him out of his black mood. In a local pub he meets a very attractive junior doctor called Sheena who doesn't recognise him as the Earls Park heartthrob in residence. Kyle asks Sheena out for dinner, but chickens out at the last minute and comes clean about his marital status.

Jason tries to crawl his way back into Marie's affections, but she's wise to him now and decides to teach him a lesson. After arranging to meet him later that evening at a restaurant, she contacts Tanya and informs her of the planned liaison. Jason is stunned when, instead of Marie, Tanya stalks into the room like an avenging angel and throws a glass of champagne in his face.

Tanya can no longer bear to see Frank in such a vulnerable and undignified condition. She promises to keep schtum about Nurse Dunkley's sordid exploits, on condition that she persuades Frank's ex-wife, Marguerite, and son, Christopher, to agree to switch off his life support. But just when the plug is about to be pulled, Tanya receives the shock of her life when Frank moves his hand. Just like one of her nightmares, he opens his eyes and stares up at her.