Series 1 Episodes

Episode 1.4 - A Funny Old Game

Written & Produced by Liz Lake
Directed by Paul Duane

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Chardonnay is still haunted by her attack and spends most of her time watching TV in a depressed daze while Kyle fusses around her. Mother-in-law Jackie is more in favour of the combative approach and orders Chardonnay to pull herself together before her bizarre behaviour sees her precious son become the laughing-stock of the terraces. Chardonnay responds by going to a salon and coming back with even shorter hair. Although he doesn't like his wife's new look, Kyle tries desperately not to show it, he just wants to know what happened to the Chardonnay he fell in love with.

Ian has already been thrown out of the marital home, but his day is set to get worse. Stefan is furious about his recent behaviour and warns him that his career with Earls Park could be on the line, especially if the fall-out from his shenanigans begins to affect his performance on the pitch. When Ian expresses regret, Stefan relents and organises for him to move into a hotel. Also staying at the hotel is Ian's Italian team-mate, Sal Biagi. Thrown into each other's company, the two men become friends.

Tanya catches Marie going down on Jason in the front seat of his car. Although he promises to end the affair, Jason has no intention of doing anything of the sort and continues to see Marie in secret. Tanya goes into orbit when she intercepts one of Marie's telephone calls, but her fury only succeeds in tipping Jason over the edge. He tells her that their marriage is over. Resourceful Tanya has other ideas and blackmails him into staying, threatening to go to the police with the truth about Frank's accident. Jason goes to a nightclub to release some of his tension. Running into his nemesis, Sal, he launches into a torrent of insults and receives a head-butt for his trouble. As far as Stefan's concerned, this latest incident is the final nail in Jason's coffin. At the next match, Jason is stunned when he is left on the bench in favour of Sal.

Holly and Daniel are missing Ian and, as much as she hates to admit it, Donna is too. Over a reconciliation dinner, Ian makes an effort to apologise properly for his behaviour. Realising that he is genuine, Donna finally agrees to allow him to return to the family home.

In order to keep tabs on Frank, Tanya perseveres in her attempt to befriend his intensive care nurse, Jeanette Dunkley. Much to Jason's disgust, she invites Nurse Dunkley to dinner and pumps her for information about Frank's chances of recovery. As Dunkley becomes suspicious, Tanya tells the mother of all whoppers - she and Frank were having an affair! Nurse Dunkley also has some very dubious motives of her own, as Tanya learns when she catches her red-handed - sexually molesting her patient!