Series 1 Episodes

Episode 1.3 - On The Ball

Written & Produced by Liz Lake
Directed by Paul Duane

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Kyle and Chardonnay decide to go ahead with the wedding of the year, complete with glossy magazine deal and its Snow White theme. As the stunned and somewhat amused guests look on, Chardonnay lies sleeping, wearing a pink dress and accompanied by seven small children who are all dressed as dwarves. Then the handsome prince - Kyle - arrives on his white steed and awakens her with a kiss. After the lavish ceremony, the bride and groom sit on matching thrones and answer questions from the press.

Nola Duncan, adoptive mother of Ian and Donna's son, Daniel, arrives at the wedding reception in a panic - Daniel is missing! Ian panics when the news of his secret son hits the headlines, but slowly begins to realise that he must spin the situation to his advantage. During a press conference, he becomes emotional as he expresses his desire to have his son returned to him. As if an imminent custody battle wasn't enough, Donna's horrified when their private life hits the papers once again - this time, its Ian's drug-fuelled exploits with a couple of lap-dancers at Kyle's stag night.

Tanya is having terrifying nightmares about Frank and gets little support from Jason who is more interested in his affair with Marie and his escalating feud with Sal. In an attempt to alleviate her overburdened conscience, Tanya begins to spend more and more time at Frank's hospital bedside, attracting the suspicious eye of intensive care nurse, Jeanette Dunkley in the process. Tanya manages to allay Dunkley's suspicions with outlandish flattery, praising her for her dedication. However, even Tanya would be horrified if she discovered the true extent of Nurse Dunkley's devotion to her patient.

Thanks to Jason's oafish behaviour, Sal is beginning to feel isolated from the rest of the team. Bored and lonely in a hotel room, he feels homesick for his family and Milan. Wisely, Stefan advises him to rise above Jason's behaviour and to concentrate on his game - once the fans and the rest of the team see results, they are sure to accept him.

Chardonnay's post-marital happiness is short-lived when she learns that the men who attacked her won't be charged. In an attempt to cheer her up, Kyle takes her out for dinner, but the atmosphere is quickly ruined by three men who shout insults through the restaurant window. Kyle loses his temper and the evening ends in a fist fight. Back at home, Kyle is appalled when he walks into the bathroom to find his wife hacking off her trademark long hair with a pair of scissors.