Series 1 Episodes

Episode 1.2 - Take Each Game As It Comes

Written by Ann McManus & Maureen Chadwick
Produced by Liz Lake
Directed by Mike Adams

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Club Chairman Frank Laslett lies in a coma and the Turners wonder what the future holds when they learn that he could recover. As Jason flies into a blind panic, Tanya forces herself to remain ice-cool - one of them has to put on a convincing performance when the police turn up on the doorstep.

Donna goes to visit her son, Daniel's adoptive mother, Nola Duncan. Assuring a suspicious Nola of her good intentions, she presents her with a wad of cash and an Earls Park shirt for Daniel. She is over the moon when Nola agrees to allow her to take Daniel out for a burger. During their time together, Donna is too excited to keep the truth from Daniel. He's made up by the news that his real father is a Sparks player, but at Donna's urging, he swears to keep it a secret.

Stefan is furious when he discovers that Kyle's best man, Jason has decided to schedule the stag party perilously close to the first match of the season. Like King Canute trying to stop the tide, he's on a hiding to nothing when he orders his players to limit themselves to two drinks and to be in bed by eleven. Jason doesn't receive points for originality when he takes the team to a lap-dancing club and urges them to enjoy themselves. Although Kyle balks at the thought of getting up close and personal with the dancers, Ian can't resist and is photographed enjoying himself rather too much.

Marie agrees to go on a date with the Sparks' new signing, Sal Biagi, but she has an ulterior motive. Despite Sal's reluctance, she drags him to the stag party and flaunts her presence in front of Jason. Maddened by the prospect of his nemesis getting into Marie's knickers, Jason disappears with her which of course, was her plan all along. Later, there's another dose of misery for Tanya when she catches Jason and Marie together.

Chardonnay and the other wives go for a meal at a swanky hotel to celebrate her hen night. Rather like their husbands, they decide to stick with tradition and spend the evening getting plastered on lethal cocktails and threatening each other with huge, buzzing vibrators. Also staying at the hotel are a couple of Chardonnay's more obnoxious fans. Drunk and aggressive, they quickly become a nuisance. Before long, tragedy strikes when an accident with a spilt drink and a candle sends the Hawaiian garland that Chardonnay is wearing up in flames. It looks like the fairytale wedding could be off!