Series 1 Episodes

Episode 1.1 - Getting A Result

Written by Ann McManus & Maureen Chadwick
Produced by Liz Lake
Directed by Mike Adams

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Earls Park striker, Ian Walmsley, is thrilled when he gets offered a place on the first team. Under normal circumstances, Ian's down-to-earth wife, Donna, would be in a blind panic at the prospect of finding a suitable outfit to wear on the terraces. Rather than puzzling over which shade of lip-gloss would best compliment her new togs, Donna's brain is preoccupied with the son she and Ian gave up for adoption nine years previously. Eaten up by curiosity, she's desperate to track him down. Ian however, isn't that keen. He's also a bit miffed with Donna for distracting him when he's got more important things to worry about.

Blonde bombshell Tanya Turner, long-suffering wife of Sparks' captain, Jason Turner, is a woman on the edge. The tabloids are speculating about rumours that Earls Park are on the verge of replacing her husband with Italian midfield star, Salvatore Biagi. Terrified that her status as captain's wife may be in jeopardy, she dresses in a microscopic mini-skirt and goes to flutter her eyelashes at Club Chairman, Frank Laslett. With his hand on her knee, Frank assures Tanya that the speculation about Biagi is nothing more than tabloid rumour. As a relieved Tanya returns home, she's unaware that Biagi is holed up in a nearby luxury hotel.

Donna's wild-child sister, Marie Minshull, arrives from Bolton, determined to score with the player she's had a crush on for years - Jason Turner. She sneaks into the changing rooms after training, rifles through her idol's locker and nicks one of his credit cards. Meanwhile, famous glamour model Chardonnay Lane and her fiance, Earls Park FC's resident heart-throb, Kyle Pascoe, are knee-deep in plans for their upcoming wedding. Kyle's doting mother, Jackie, observes the outlandish plans and spiralling costs with disgust. She deeply disapproves of Chardonnay's choice of career and knows that the marriage will end in heartbreak for her precious son.

Holding Jason's credit card in her eager little hand, Marie turns up at his favourite nightclub and passes herself off as his sister. Impressed by Marie's nerve and ingenuity, Jason plies her with champagne and then shags her in the men's loos. Meanwhile, a frustrated and angry Tanya comes to terms with the fact that her husband won't be home in time for dinner... again. When Jason does finally crawl home, he is horrified to discover his wife unconscious and surrounded by empty pill and whiskey bottles. As Jason panics, Tanya opens her eyes and laughs - gotcha! Strangely, Jason is not amused.

The Sparks' players gather at Stefan's house for the pre-season party. The Turners are still at each others throats, and, while Jason sneaks away to bonk Marie, Tanya consoles herself by snorting cocaine in the toilets. When Jason finally returns to the party, the smug, post-coital grin is wiped from his face when Frank announces the new of Earls Park's latest signing - Salvatore Biagi! After the party, Jason and Tanya confront Frank. Wound up into a fury by the fact that he lied to her, Tanya attacks him and, in the resulting melee, Frank's head collides with the side of his car. In a panic, the Turners manhandle Frank into his car, push it into a ditch and then flee the scene.