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Urszula Rosen

Urszula Rosen

Played by
Lucia Giannecchini

Urszula was born in Poland, the daughter of a political activist who was jailed for his beliefs. She struggled hard to get away from the poor, shipbuilding town where she grew up to win a scholarship to a UK university.

Bright, graceful, and charming, Urszula's the epitome of European chic - dressing classically but exuding sexuality. She's very driven and determined in the sense that if she's going to do something, she's going to do it well, but she still retains a sense of fun and is intent on enjoying life now that she's miles away from home. However, Urszula has had to do a lot of things to get where she is that others would balk at and she will continue to do so if it means she doesn't have to go back to where she came from.

When Liberty offered her a job as a live-in PA, Urszula couldn't think of a single reason not to accept. Urszula knows that constant demands are made on Liberty and she wants to protect her from this and from the ever present freeloaders. But she's a sensuous being, into little more than exploring what life has to offer and, despite their fantastic professional relationship, Liberty soon finds that she had taken on a lot more than she expected.

Last seen...
...being chucked out of the Gidigbi-Baker home by Tremaine after he discovered about her affair with his new bride.

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