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Trisha Watson

Trisha Watson

Played by
Angela Ridgeon

Doting mother to Earls Park new boy, Callum Watson.

Trisha is a common as muck, loud-mouthed battle-axe from hell who definitely lacks the refinement needed for the player's lounge. She's done everything she can to raise Callum well, despite being a council estate single mum. But when he starts earning Premiership cash, she's worried that he won't be hanging onto the apron strings for very much longer.

Callum is her golden boy and she'll defend him desperately against gold-diggers and all comers. She collects all of his press clippings and never lets him do anything for himself - in fact, she prides herself on the fact that he wouldn't know how to use a washing machine if his life depended on it! Callum believes that Trisha suffers from diabetes and she uses her 'condition' to keep him close, taking umbrage to any woman who she sees as competition for her boy's attention.

Last seen...
...being given her marching orders by Callum after the newspapers discovered that she lied about suffering from terminal cancer.

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