Characters (A - G)
Tremaine Gidigbi

Tremaine Gidigbi

Played by
Chucky Venice

Tremaine's parents moved from Nigeria to England shortly after their son was born. Pushed from an early age by his father, Tremaine has played for many of the Premiership's leading clubs, including Newcastle United where his bitter rivalry with Bruno Milligan was born. He was dropped by his former club after being sent down for 6 months for GBH and then picked up by Earls Park at a bargain price.

Football's 'Mr Bling', Tremaine prides himself on his well thought-out image. Proud, ambitious and just, he is renowned as one of England's top midfielders, but he also has a habit of speaking his mind, whatever the consequences. Despite his arrogance and vengeful temper, strong morals underlie all of Tre's actions - he's a 'straight up' kind of guy - dignified, strong willed, and determined.

Tre enjoys flaunting his wealth and is keen to luxuriate in all of the pleasures that his success has afforded him. His father always impressed on his how much harder a black man has to work to get ahead, and just how important it is to show off that lifestyle once you get it. Nowadays, Tre's all about conspicuous consumption and spending wildly - he's determined to rub 'their', i.e. the establishment's noses in it. This feeds his competitiveness and he's hell-bent on wrestling the Earls Park Captaincy away from Bruno.

Last seen...
...ranting and raving at Liberty after she dressed up as a cannibal, complete with grass skirt, for a lucrative Japanese advert.

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