Characters (M - T)
Tanya Turner

Tanya Turner

Played by
Zöe Lucker

Has been widowed three times - first husband, Jason Turner plummeted to his death from a hotel roof, second husband, Frank Laslett died of a Viagra induced heart attack, third husband, a Brazilian, Federico, died recently of causes unknown. Has a younger half-sister, Anika but they haven't been in contact in years.

More than anything else, Tanya is a survivor - an extremely strong woman who knows what she wants and will do anything to keep it. Although she's fiercely loyal to the few people who have managed to win her friendship, cross her and she becomes the sort of enemy that nightmares are made of - a predator who can pick out someone's weakness at 100 yards and who is cold, calculating and remorseless in her revenge.

Tanya is highly intelligent and is resourceful enough to manipulate a harmful situation to her advantage, a strength flawed by her belief that without a man and her glamorous lifestyle, she's nothing. A brief spell behind the bars of HMP Larkhall taught her humility, but once back on the outside, all of this was forgotten as she resumed her rightful place as the Queen Bee of the Earls Park Wives.

Last seen...
...about to snort a line of cocaine that Garry had spiked with lethal poison.

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