Characters (H - L)
Stefan Hauser

Stefan Hauser

Played by
Phillip Bretherton

Managed various teams in his native Germany and the UK before taking over the helm at Earls Park. Father to wild-child daughter, Freddie.

An ice-cool German import, Stefan is a manager very much in the Arsene Wenger/Sven Goran Eriksson mould - cerebral, disciplined, and unemotional. Yet however much he maintains his poker face for the benefit of the press and the fans, all of his players know that he is capable of blowing his top spectacularly when pushed too far.

Although the prima-donnas at Earls Park have all been on the receiving end of his stinging sarcasm and wounding logic, the same cannot be said of his wild-child daughter, Freddie. She remains the one person on the planet who is able to run rings around him.

Last seen...
...blowing his top as a result of Jason's latest escapade... probably. Stefan was sacked by Frank midway after the end of Series 2 and replaced by Roger Webb.

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