Characters (H - L)
Shannon Lawson

Shannon Lawson

Played by
Sarah Barrand

Born and bred in Liverpool, Shannon left school with GCSE's in art and woodwork. Before joining ex-husband, Harley, in London, she was studying for a HND in Hair and Beauty and working part-time in her mum's salon.

Shannon couldn't believe it when Earls Park signed her boyfriend Harley up, before that, the extent of her dreams had been to one day own her own beauty salon. When they were both back in Liverpool, the best thing that she could see about Harley's commitment to the game were his nicely toned thighs, pecs and bum. But then she became dazzled by the lifestyle afforded to the significant other of a top-flight footballer and set about transforming herself into the perfect trophy wife. But the more Shannon embraced the celebrity lifestyle, the more Harley began to reject it until eventually, their fairytale marriage was in tatters.

Divorce has been both a wake-up call and an object lesson for Shannon. She can see the mistakes that she made with Harley and is determined not to repeat them. She may have come a long way from the estate she grew up on, but at heart she's still a kind and generous Northern lass. Still slightly naive, she often opens her outspoken gob without thinking, but at least nobody could ever accuse her of not speaking her mind.

Last seen...
...copping off with Calum Best and then receiving a punch in the face for her trouble from jealous boyfriend, Callum (Watson).

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