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Seb Webb

Seb Webb

Played by
Tom Swire

Trained with a youth team in Manchester before being signed by Earls Park.

On the face of it, Seb seems to want nothing more than his father, Roger's approval. He is a very talented footballer and should be guaranteed a first-team place at Earls Park, but Roger doesn't want to be accused of nepotism and makes it clear to his son that he has a lot to prove. At first when Roger discovers that Seb has been taking steroids, the natural assumption is that he felt he needed them to live up to expectations. But the truth goes a lot deeper than that.

Underneath the face that he shows to the rest of the world, Seb is cruelly manipulative and has an evil streak a mile wide. He is fully aware that Roger has placed his reputation on the line by signing him and this has placed him in the perfect position to sabotage everything his father has worked for.

Last seen...
...being chucked out of the family home by Roger and then going into Extra Time.

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