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Sal Biagi

Sal Biagi

Played by
Daniel Schutzmann

Italian by birth, Sal played Serie A football in Milan before being signed by Earls Park.

Star Italian midfielder whose multi-million pound signing immediately puts Jason's nose well and truly out of joint. Although he's excited by the prospect of playing in the Premiership, Sal is depressed to learn that the British weather is terrible, and that the people are grey and unromantic. Sal should also try to learn how to rise above Jason's childish taunts, but his stubbornness and innate sense of pride just won't allow him to back down.

Very aware of his footballing talent and the effect his good looks and designer suits have on the female fans on the terraces, Sal is used to getting whatever he wants... even if it's the wife of his only friend.

Last seen...
...swapping insults with arch-enemy, Jason Tuner. Placed on the transfer list shortly after Stefan was sacked and replaced by Roger.

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