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Roger Webb

Roger Webb

Played by
Jesse Birdsall

Played top-flight football for Nottingham Forest and eventually became Player/Manager there before retiring and moving into full-time management. Married to his second wife, Jackie, mother of former Sparks' golden boy, Kyle Pascoe. Also has an estranged son, Seb.

Roger Webb was the toast of Nottingham Forest in 1984 when nobody could beat the 20-year-old with the magic feet. He played hard, fast and, when he could get away with it, dirty. In the days before the celebrity footballer, Roger was at the forefront of the last generation of the old school players and, like so many of his contemporaries, he never expected to make millions from the game. He played because he loved it.

Although his glory days on the pitch are now far behind him, Roger's still a hard bastard and his take no shit approach terrifies the younger players on the team. But he's determined to take Earls Park to the top, no matter how many delicate, overblown egos his ruffles in the process.

Last seen...
...taking a fatal tumble down a lift shaft.

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