Characters (A - G)
Paulo Bardosa

Paulo Bardosa

Played by
Jay Rodan

Grew up in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro as Marcelo - a disfigured child whose parents kept him chained up in a kennel outside their house. Rescued by Eva de Wolffe who gave him a new identity, paid for corrective surgery, and groomed him to become the star he is now.

Because of his past, Paulo isn't obsessed with looks and like to think it's all about the person on the inside. He thinks of himself as just and loving and is happy to pay his debt to Eva. He's completely enthralled by her, believing her rhetoric that everything could be taken away from him at a moment's notice and so feels that he has no option but to go along with her sexual deviances.

Thanks to Eva, Paulo's sexually sophisticated - he knows women and he knows how to touch them. He exerts his physical strength but does it in a tender way coupled with a welcome attention to detail. He's a bright guy who learns quickly but can be blinded by his sense of fair play. Brazilian, bronzed and beautiful, Paulo is an instant hit with Tanya Turner... but she is totally unable to deal with his dark side.

Last seen...
...being carted off to the loony bin after smashing up the luxury pad he shared with Tanya.