Characters (A - G)
Noah Alexander

Noah Alexander

Played by
Marcel McCalla

Brought up in Streatham, South London where his parents still run a shoe repair and key-cutting shop.

Kind, sensitive, and gentle, Noah is a hugely talented player with a big heart. His break came when he was brought in from the Sparks' reserve team to replace an injured Kyle. Having waited for that chance all of his life, he's determined not to let the opportunity slip through his fingers.

As a closet gay, Noah is all too aware of the underlying homophobia within the game, knowing that his career could be over if the secret ever gets out. After his cruel outing at the hands of Tanya Turner, Noah comes close to breaking-point and in a bid to stop the homophobic chants that echo around the terraces, he makes up his mind to change his lifestyle.

Last seen...
...finally realising that the 'Church of the Found' had no chance of straightening him out, Noah headed straight for the nearest sauna, where he was shocked to see the Church leader, Tim through the steam.

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