Characters (M - T)
Marie Minshull

Marie Minshull

Played by
Micaiah Dring

Born and raised in Bolton and younger sister of Donna Walmsley.

All of Marie's dreams came true when her brother-in-law, Ian Walmsley, was signed by Earls Park, not least because it placed her directly into the path of her number one heartthrob, Jason Turner. Although jealous of her older sister, Donna's sudden wealth, it didn't stop her turning up on the doorstep of the Walmsley family home and demanding sanctuary from her strict parents. Despite Ian's objections, soft-hearted Donna wouldn't dream of turning her away, and welcomed her baby sister with open arms.

A wild-child with the body of a woman, Marie is physically mature enough to enter into a passionate affair with Jason, but much too young to deal with his jealous and insecure personality. Not to mention his volatile wife, Tanya.

Last seen...
...being cruelly rejected by Jason. She returned to Bolton shortly afterwards.

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