Characters (M - T)
Lucy Milligan

Lucy Milligan

Played by
Helen Latham

Married to Bruno with whom she has a young daughter, Angelica.

On the face of it Lucy makes the perfect footballers' wife - she's intelligent, ambitious, bubbly, and outgoing. But appearances can quite often be deceptive and Lucy's happy-go-lucky exterior can sometimes be a veneer. To say that Lucy has a tempestuous relationship with her husband Bruno would be an understatement. As far as Bruno is concerned, his wife can't do anything right and Lucy, as a devoted wife and mother, puts up with an awful lot in exchange for the stable and secure future that his vast salary as a footballer has assured.

Over the years, Bruno has constantly ground away at her self-esteem and, although she has fiery bursts of determination in which she resolves to leave him, he always manages to talk or threaten her round. But when Lucy discovers the truth about her marriage during her Pride and Prejudice styled renewal of vows, she's livid. This time, Bruno has to do a lot of grovelling to win her back.

Last seen...
...panicking about the prospect of giving birth to her baby. Bruno is over-the-moon at the prospect of becoming a father again, pity then that there's a fifty-fifty chance the baby might be Tre's!

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