Characters (A - G)
Liberty Baker

Hazel Bailey

Played by
Alison Newman

Daughter to immigrant parents who came to England in the 1950's. Has been with Tremaine Gidigbi, football's 'Mr Bling' for almost five years and has lived with him for three.

The other wives feathers are ruffled when this top international supermodel struts straight into the players lounge as if down a catwalk runway. Elegant, sophisticated but aloof with it, Liberty's singular, no-nonsense attitude intimidates designers, photographers and other models alike. Although her attitude has earned her a name in the fashion industry as a bit of a prima donna, the truth is that Liberty simply wants things done right - and she's got the money and the power to ensure that they are.

As a second generation British black woman, Libery's proud of the success she's managed to achieve in a world that's still dominated by Western ideals of beauty. But she's nowhere near as political as Tremaine - that would take too much energy - and anyway, she's already exerting all of hers on her career.

Last seen...
...staggering through a nightclub after being glassed in the face.

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