Characters (M - T)
Kyle Pascoe

Kyle Pascoe

Played by
Gary Lucy

Married to glamour-model, Chardonnay until her tragic death. Adoptive father, and strangely enough, brother to Paddy.

Super striker Kyle is the star of the Earls Park terraces and one of the nation's most recognisable footballers. This bankable and extremely bonkable heartthrob also had a huge heart - not only is he head-over-heels in love with his wife, Chardonnay he's also the devoted son most mothers wish for. In fact, Kyle's biggest failing is the love he has for both of the women in his life - whenever they fight, he always gets caught in the crossfire.

After Chardonnay's tragic and shocking death, Kyle's world falls apart. Despite Jackie's constant support, he is unable to stop himself from falling into a complete tail-spin. Although he finds solace from his grief and depression in gambling, his luck can't hold out for long. Soon he really has lost everything - his job, his wife, his cars, and money.

Last seen...
...being carted off by the men in white coats after suffering a nervous breakdown.

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