Characters (H - L)
Katie Jones

Katie Jones

Played by
Elaine Glover

A good time girl working her way across Europe, Katie is using the name Barbarella when she becomes one of the tequila Cadettes hired by the Earls Park players.

Pretty, blonde and always up for a laugh, Katie is determined to live her life to the full and while she's still young enough to enjoy it. However, she's not just a dumb blonde, she may be fun and flirty and enjoy a good time with a good-looking bloke, but she's smart enough to make sure she makes a few quid out of it in the process. However, the laughter stops when Katie is brutally raped by one of the Earls Park's players in Spain.

After the rape, Katie's life completely falls apart. Rather than become a victim, she begins to channel all of her energy into a quest to find the man who did this to her. Displaying a strength she never before knew existed; Katie climbs onboard a plane bound for London. She is now determined to find the man who did this to her... and prepared to go to any lengths for justice.

Last seen...
...going into Extra Time and heading off for a new life in Madrid with Harley.

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