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Ian Walmsley

Ian Walmsley

Played by
Nathan Constance

Married to his childhood sweetheart, Donna with whom he has two children, Daniel and Holly.

Everything Ian Walmsley ever dreamed of came true the day he was plucked from lowly Bolton to play for Premiership team Earls Park. With down-to-earth wife Donna as the rock supporting him, Ian has it made, but it isn't long before the adulation from the terraces and the sudden rise in income go straight to his head... and his trousers.

Underneath it all, Ian really is a nice guy, just easily distracted and with a tendency to take the important things in life for granted. A series of shocking events - not least the discovery that Donna is conducting a secret affair with his team-mate, Sal Biagi - finally manage to teach him a very important lesson... one he'll never forget.

Last seen...
...reunited with Donna and heading off for a fresh start in Manchester.

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