Characters (H - L)
Harley Lawson

Harley Lawson

Played by
Jamie Davis

From a working-class family. Played youth football in Leeds and Liverpool before rocketing into the limelight at Earls Park.

Harley first kicked a football the week after he started to walk... he hasn't stopped since. His mates always played footie for kicks on the estate, but Harley soon distinguished himself as a genuine talent.

Funny, cheeky, and sexy, Harley lacks the guile and arrogance that tarnishes many of his young contemporaries. So, it is a wide-eyed young man who arrives at Earls Park and who is immediately gob-smacked by the lavish parties, fast cars, and palatial homes of his new team-mates. But Harley is truly a down-to-earth type of lad, and he soon becomes disillusioned with the 'Hello' magazine lifestyle, especially when his young bride, Shannon, becomes so affected that she remodels herself as the perfect trophy wife.

Last seen...
...going into Extra Time and dumping Shannon in favour for a new life in Madrid with Katie.

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