Characters (M - T)
Garry Ryan

Garry Ryan

Played by
Nicolas Ball

Huge in the seventies as Garry Demon, front-man of the glam-rock band Bedrock, Garry lived the life, took the drugs, screwed the groupies and then married Eva, a beautiful Swedish model. He and Eva has one child together, Oliver, who was aged only seven when his mother died of a heroin overdose. Already the owner of record label, Rampant Sounds, Garry is now also the new Chairman of Earls Park - football is the new rock 'n roll!

The new Chairman of Earls Park is an aging pop lothario who's got more than an eye for the ladies. He's earned his cash in the record business and now fancies a spell in the big game. The cutthroat world of Premiership football holds no fears for Garry; he's a ruthless businessman with a shrewd nose for finance and will stop at nothing, even breaking the law to get what he wants. But somehow, he's regarded as a sad has-been by many. That he sometimes talks like a seventies throw-back, with his cheesy chat-up lines doesn't help... nor does his image.

The time he spent touring with his band has turned Garry on to pretty much anything that allows him to assert his power. But however many female wannabes he has decorating his luxurious mansion, at heart Garry's a lonely guy and proof that money doesn't bring happiness.

Last seen...
...being blackmailed by Tanya. She offered to swap the proof that he murdered Roger for a large amount of cash. He offered her a toot of nose candy to seal the deal but unknown to her, it had been mixed with poison.

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