Characters (H - L)
Freddie Hauser

Freddie Hauser

Played by
Jessica Brooks

Daughter of Sparks' manager, Stefan Hauser. Brought up and educated in England.

On the surface, Freddie is a tough cookie... an abseiling, motorbike riding ladette who lives her life fast, dangerous, and by the seat of her skin-tight leather trousers.

Underneath the tough as old boots exterior is an extremely troubled young woman. Emotionally deprived throughout her childhood, Freddie grew up with a poor sense of self-worth. Feeling rejected by her father during her early teens, she developed a crush on his right-hand-man, Archie Malloch. Rather than rebuffing her advances, Archie took advantage of the situation and manipulated Freddie into a sexual relationship she was too immature to handle. Although the affair is now over, the emotional fall-out continues to taint her life.

Last seen...
...being blackmailed back into Archie's bed.

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