Characters (H - L)
Frank Laslett

Frank Laslett

Played by
John Forgeham

Flamboyant businessman and Chairman of Earls Park. Divorced from his first wife, Marguerite with whom he has a son, Christopher.

Always one of the biggest wheeler-dealers in football, Frank's life is about ducking and diving, making dodgy deals, and sinking to any level to ensure that Earls Park become the cream of the Premiership. But then age starts creeping up on him, his power and health start to fail, and his life becomes a constant struggle to plug the gaps in his leaky bank accounts.

At an age where he should be thinking about winding down, Frank finds himself taking risks in order to maintain his hold on Earls Park. He then takes the biggest risk of all by making Tanya his second wife. It is only a matter of time before the constant pressure and his scheming bride begin to take their toll on his dicky ticker.

Last seen...
...kicking the bucket as a result of a Viagra induced heart-attack.

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