Characters (H - L)
Elaine Hardy

Elaine Hardy

Played by
Caroline Chikezie

Once one of the UK's top sprinters, Elaine's sparkling athletics career ended in disgrace when she failed a random drugs test. After her ban, she trained as a physiotherapist.

Bright, clever, and quick-witted, Elaine doesn't take any shit from anyone. Confident, yet warm, the Elaine who arrives at Earls Park seems to belie her troubled past. As a top physiotherapist she was Hazel's first choice when Kyle Pascoe needed one-on-one attention for a career threatening injury. Professional, but not text-book, Elaine is determined not to allow Kyle to throw his career away like she did.

Different to anything Kyle has seen before, Elaine isn't overawed by him or his money. She's definitely no Chardonnay - a Prada handbag is fine by her... as long as she can fit her kit inside it!

Last seen...
...heading for pastures new when Kyle was carted off to the funny farm.

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