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Donna Walmsley

Donna Walmsley

Played by
Katharine Monaghan

A working-class girl from Bolton who married her childhood sweetheart, Ian. The couple have two children, Daniel and Holly.

Donna is extremely family-orientated and as a result, is viewed as boring and mumsy by her glamorous contemporaries, Tanya and Chardonnay. Donna couldn't care less about designer labels and luxury home: her life revolves around her husband and children; after all, they have been through a lot together.

Ian and Donna met when they when they were both in their early teens and she has had to cope with a lot of emotional trauma as a result. Donna may come across as vulnerable, but she's fiercely protective of her family and when times get tough, she's always the strong one who manages to hold everything together. However, when Ian begins to shine on the pitch, football and his ego begin to take over and family life is forced to take a backseat. Stinging from the constant rejection, Donna begins to wonder if there could be something better for her elsewhere.

Last seen...
...dumping Italian Stallion, Sal and going back to Ian and a fresh start in Manchester.

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