Characters (A - G)
Darius Fry

Darius Fry

Played by
Peter Ash

Another of Sparks' teenage soccer sensations, Darius was recruited straight from the youth team and rocketed straight into the limelight.

No longer the teenaged lad, cripplingly shy and tongue-tied around girls, Darius is beginning to conform to the footballing stereotype - a cocky, designer-suited lout who believes it's his right to have the pick of the women. Unfortunately, he's nowhere near as cool as he thinks he is.

As far as his career at Earls Park is concerned, he's still desperate to impress. He hero-worships his more experienced team-mates like Conrad and Bruno and would do anything in order to fit in as one of the 'lads'. Darius' main failing is his lack of intelligence - he's certainly not the brightest bulb in the pack and regularly speaks his mind without thinking about the consequences. His impulsiveness and his ego will always be his worst enemies.

Last seen...
...stuck in hospital with a broken leg after an 'accident' on a flight of stairs in a nightclub.

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