Characters (A - G)
Conrad Gates

Conrad Gates

Played by
Ben Price

Captain of the England team, Conrad played in Italy before becoming Earls Park's most expensive signing to date.

With the face of an angel and the body of a Greek God, Conrad is absolutely assured of his sexual as well as his professional allure. He oozes charisma and works his charm on everyone he fancies. Whether male or female, available or out-of-bounds, nobody is resistant to his charms... and he's happy to indulge his 'feminine' side whenever the fancy takes him.

A true cosmopolitan, Conrad lives the good life. Having lived and worked his way across the globe, he knows his wine, and his designer labels. He initiates fashion in hair-cuts, body jewellery - the works. Putting the cosily suburban Beckhams to shame, Conrad and his wife, Amber are the genuine jet-set article... until Tanya Turner prises them apart with her customary charm and guile.

Last seen...
...collapsed dead in a doorway having been mistakenly shot by his brainless team-mate, Bruno.

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