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Callum Watson

Callum Watson

Played by
Craig Gallivan

Born and brought up in the shadow of the Earls Park training ground. The apple of his mother, Trisha's eye.

Callum is Earls Park's latest signing, rough around the edges and not too bright, but he's been a natural with a football since he was in his carry-cot. In fact, if it wasn't for his skills with a football, Callum would probably still be on the dole and hanging out on street corners with his old school friends. But at least his tough upbringing has given him the drive to succeed - this Premiership new boy is determined to make it to the top.

Callum has always lived for football, and is infused with zest and energy for the game and everything that comes with it. His early social life revolved around the pitch or playing football with mates on his street; he's not a loner, in fact because of his skills he's very popular. At first, he's in awe of this new world he's suddenly been elevated to... but then the success starts to go to his head.

Last seen...
...shagging a groupie and then hypocritically taking exception when Shannon copped off with Calum Best.

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