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Bruno Milligan

Bruno Milligan

Played by
Ben Richards

Secretly married to first wife, Joly Salter, who is the mother of his oldest children, twins Yasmin and Rees. Bigamously married to Lucy with whom he has a young daughter, Angelica.

Bruno is a highly skilled, talented footballer. Now nearing the end of his football career, he's also busy with his pension plan - the pretentiously named private members' club, Nabakov's Cocoon. Although meticulously turned out, Bruno secretly harbours and angry and controlling personality. He's pathologically jealous and often tracks Lucy's movements like a hawk.

He may still be clinging onto the Captaincy at Earls Park, but his star is fading rapidly and what's really killing him is the fact that he can't do anything about it. In the past, he has vented his frustration by taking it out on Lucy, quick to punish her for any wrong-doing, whether imagined or not. But since the reappearance of Joly and the twins, he is walking a very fine line where Lucy is concerned and lives in constant terror of losing her. Whether in life, or on the pitch, Bruno hates to lose and will do anything to make sure that he doesn't.

Last seen...
...floating somewhere up on cloud nine after receiving two pieces of amazing news - Lucy's pregnancy, and being asked to take over as the manager of Earls Park.

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