Characters (A - G)
Amber Gates

Amber Gates

Played by
Laila Rouass

Born and bred in Bromley, Amber was one of the biggest names in the Bollywood film industry until her star began to fade. Mother to Pheonix, her son by dead husband, Conrad Gates.

Having been the darling of Bombay and Bradford for over twenty years, it was galling indeed when the offers of work began to dry up. Still, at least Amber had her husband, Conrad's A-list status to rely on - until of course he fell for Tanya Turner. Amber and Conrad's marriage was always passionate, uninhibited, and experimental, but however 'open-minded' Amber professed herself to be, there was no way that she was prepared to share her husband with her arch-enemy.

Although intelligent and determined, Amber is also highly unstable. Despite her meticulous planning and Machiavellian plotting, obsessions with her rivals often blow up in her face. Despite hours spent meditating, Amber is very slow to absorb the Buddhist ideals she spouts freely. If there is any truth in the concept of Karma, Amber could find her past actions coming back to bite her on the bum in her next life!

Last seen...
...being carted off to a mental hospital with a bleed on the brain.

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